Pathan Review: How Has the Public Reacted, Hit or Flop?

The movie Pathan came out with Shah Rukh Khan in the lead role. People who go to see the movie are very excited about it. Pathan has broken the old record of 5 lakh tickets sold in advance for KGF-2. On the other hand, some people still don’t like the movie. Read Dainik Bhaskar’s review of the movie Pathan to learn about its good and bad points. The review covers anything from the story to how the stars did in their roles.

Pathan Movie Story

First, let’s talk about the story. With this movie, Yash Raj Films started its Spy Universe. Shahrukh Khan is his latest agent in this world. When a terrorist attack threatens India, “Pathan” starts with the spy service finding a face abroad.

Jim, the same former RAW spy, has turned against the country where Pathan has stepped up to protect it. The secret terrorist group Outfit X is currently meeting in this gym. Deepika Padukone, who plays a single ISI spy, is simultaneously trying to add a story twist. The first part of the movie is fun to watch.

Still, the story has many turns and twists that will continue to keep you interested. Even in the second half, the energy never goes away. Shah Rukh Khan is shown as an action star for the first time and does great action. It’s pretty interesting to watch John and Shahrukh fight. The surprise is Deepika Padukone, who is seen doing amazing action.

Actors Performances

Shahrukh gives a great effort, and Deepika looks good on screen. Shahrukh Khan does a good job as Pathan. He is always doing something. Shahrukh is also very good during the fight scenes.

Deepika Padukone has left a strong personality on screen but hasn’t had many good speaking parts. She is given the role of a Pakistani doctor who becomes an ISI spy, but her boldness doesn’t seem to do with Pakistan. His Pakistani accent is also hard to spot.

Writing and Directing

Siddharth Anand’s work as a director is excellent. He did a great job making each scene come to life. The script for the movie is great, and it’s hard to find problems with it.

Pathan’s best feature is its music.

The music in the background of Pathan is pretty current. The music is good because none of it is played too much. The Pathan anthem has also been played in some places. There is new music in every scene to keep things exciting.

Pathan Review: Hit or Flop

Salman Khan, known as Bhaijaan, also shows up in the movie. Salman’s “Tiger” character is a great guest star. You will have fun as long as Salman is on the screen. The story of this movie is very easy to figure out.

The same thing could happen with this terrorist attack, where a single spy and an intelligence service save the country. Even though “Pathan” is another job and danger, it is still different. The best thing about this movie is that it will keep you interested the whole time.

Even though the movie’s plot moves quickly, the writers couldn’t explain where each character came from. We talked about the first few seconds of Deepika’s life. You need to understand the rest of her story.

Shahrukh’s welcome is messed up, so the crowd doesn’t get a chance to cheer. Even with their little knowledge, the writers didn’t give much depth to the Pathan character.

A lot of work went into John’s arrival scene. Salman makes a short surprise appearance in this scene, which again speeds up the movie’s slow pace. Salman makes his friend Pathan into a tiger while tickling him in this scene.

Another thing that isn’t considered in this case is that the story started and ended on the mission. You’ll notice there’s not a lot of romance. Besharam Rang is the only piece of music in the whole movie.

The second song will also be played when the show is over. People said that John, who ended up being the bad guy, was a little too strong, but it was easy to get rid of him in the end. You could additionally find it strange that the bad guy keeps telling themselves how to stop their plan.

Music and the technical side of Film Pathan

The film’s strong points are its visual effects, photography, fight scenes, and music. Satchith Paulose’s camera work shows the beauty of every city and place he films, whether in Dubai, Paris, Afghanistan, or Africa.

Pathan looks bigger than life on the screen. Even before the movie came out, the songs made a lot of noise. The colours and dances were embarrassing but went well with the Pathan song video. Sachit and Ankit Balhara’s music has done its job, most honestly.

The music in the background of the movie adds to the stress and excitement of the whole thing. Pathan action has been fine-tuned by both foreign and a large number of local action teachers. The work he does is much better than 100%.

The movie occurs in beautiful places, and the stars wear stylish clothes. Shahrukh and Deepika were the only ones who stood out in the first look, but the whole group’s outfits, style, and attention to detail should be praised. Mamta Anand, Niharika Jolly, and Shaleena Nathani look great.

VFX Pathan Movie

Shahrukh Khan’s fans were excited to see him in the Pathan preview playing a detective, but they missed one important thing: an effect from the movie Pathan. The public now prefers strong VFX over brave female speech, which Bollywood can’t do.

People seem to like Adipurush’s CGI more after seeing the Pathan trailer. When fans saw the VFX for Adipurush, they also talked about Brahmastra. The general public does not like the VFX in Pathaan at all. Fans say Prabhas’s movie Saaho, which will come out in 2019, has better special effects than Pathan.

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