Gemsri Daimari: Biography, Height, Age, Boyfriend, Instagram and YouTube Channel

Gemsri Daimari is an Indian actress, model, YouTuber, and social media personality. He was born in 1994 in Orang Town, Assam, India. She has gained notoriety for uploading viral videos, vlogs, and beauty tutorials to her own YouTube channel, which has over 370,000 subscribers.

Her real name is Jemsri Damari and she was born in 1994 in Orang Town, Darrang, Assam, India. Gemsri spent his formative years in Orang and completed his education at Orang High School. Later, he completed his higher education at Mangaldai College, where he received a BA.

Gemsri’s career is versatile, reflecting her diversity in acting, modelling, and social media. She has gained recognition in the social space thanks to her YouTube channel and has over 200,000 followers on Instagram.

Personal Life

Birth Year 1994
Birthplace Orang Town, Assam, India
Nationality Indian
Hometown Orang Town
Parents Father – Mr. Daimary | Mother – Homemaker

Gemsri Daimary was born in 1994 in Orang Town, Assam, India. She is Indian, and her family includes her father, Mr. Daimary, and her mother, who is a homemaker. Orang Town is where she grew up.

Physical Appearance

Height 5 Feet 5 Inches
Weight (approx.) 60-65 kg
Eye Colour Black
Hair Colour Black
Figure Measurements 32-26-30

Gemsri stands at 5 feet 5 inches, and she weighs around 60-65 kg. Her eyes and hair are both black, and her figure measurements are approximately 32-26-30.

Relationship / Boyfriend

Marital Status Unmarried
Boyfriend Lao-dum

As of now, Gemsri is unmarried. She is in a relationship with someone named Lao-dum.

Early Education

School Orang High School
College/University Mangaldai College
Education Qualification BA

She attended Orang High School for her school education and later pursued her higher education at Mangaldai College. She completed her studies with a Bachelor’s degree.

Gemsri Daimari: YouTube Channel

Subscribers 370k+
Content Lifestyle vlogs, Travel, Beauty

Gemsri is a popular YouTuber with over 370k subscribers. On her channel, she shares lifestyle vlogs, travel experiences, and beauty tutorials.

Gemsri Daimari: MMS/Viral Video Controversy

Issue MMS Video Went Viral
Response Denied involvement, clarified on YouTube

In 2019, there was controversy when a video went viral, claiming to feature Gemsri. She addressed it on her YouTube channel, clarifying that the person in the video wasn’t her. She expressed confusion and believed someone was trying to harm her reputation.

FAQs on Gemsri Daimari:

Where was Gemsri Daimary born?

  • Gemsri Daimary was born in Orang Town, Assam, India.

When was Gemsri Daimary born?

  • Gemsri Daimary was born in the year 1994.

What is Gemsri Daimary’s real name?

  • Gemsri Daimary’s real name is Gemsri Daimary.

Is Gemsri Daimary married?

  • No, Gemsri Daimary is unmarried.

Who is Gemsri Daimary’s boyfriend?

  • Gemsri Daimary’s boyfriend is Lao-dum.

What is Gemsri Daimary’s educational background?

  • She completed her education at Orang High School and pursued a BA at Mangaldai College.

How did Gemsri Daimary become famous?

  • Gemsri gained fame for her YouTube channel, where she uploads viral videos, vlogs, and beauty tutorials.

What is the name of Gemsri Daimary’s YouTube channel?

  • Her YouTube channel is named after herself – Gemsri Daimary.

How many subscribers does Gemsri Daimary have on her YouTube channel?

  • Gemsri Daimary has over 370k subscribers on her YouTube channel.

What kind of content does Gemsri Daimary upload on her YouTube channel?

  • She regularly uploads lifestyle vlogs, travelling, and beauty tutorials.

When did Gemsri Daimary start her modelling career?

  • Gemsri started her modelling career in 2017.

In which film did Gemsri Daimary make her acting debut?

  • She made her acting debut in the Bodo film “Gosain: The Colours of Spring” in 2022.

Did Gemsri Daimary produce any films?

  • Yes, she produced the Bodo film “Gosain: The Colours of Spring.”

What controversies has Gemsri Daimary been involved in?

  • One notable controversy was a viral MMS video in 2019, which she clarified wasn’t her in a YouTube video.

Can you tell me more about the MMS video controversy involving Gemsri Daimary?

  • Gemsri clarified on her YouTube channel that the girl in the video wasn’t her, and she had no idea who the person was.

What are Gemsri Daimary’s favourite things?

  • Favourite Actor: Dwayne Johnson
  • Favourite Actress: Emma Watson
  • Favourite Food: Pizza
  • Favourite Sports: Volleyball

How tall is Gemsri Daimary?

  • She is approximately 5 feet 5 inches tall.

What are Gemsri Daimary’s hobbies?

  • Her hobbies include listening to songs, gardening, and dancing.

Does Gemsri Daimary have any pets?

  • Yes, she proudly owns a pet cat and a dog.

What is the Instagram handle of Gemsri Daimary?

  • Unfortunately, the specific Instagram handle is not provided.

How many followers does Gemsri Daimary have on Instagram?

Which is the most-viewed video on Gemsri Daimary’s YouTube channel?

  • The most-viewed video is titled ‘GEMSRI’S DANCE PERFORMANCE AT KARBIANGLONG’ with over 800k views.

What is the birthplace of Gemsri Daimary’s parents?

  • The birthplace of Gemsri Daimary’s parents is not specified.

Is Gemsri Daimary active on any other social media platforms?

  • Yes, she has a strong presence on Instagram.

What are some lesser-known facts about Gemsri Daimary?

  • She is an avid animal lover, enjoys book reading, and is passionate about dancing.


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