On April 12, 2023, the Tokyo MX channel in Japan will premiere the eagerly anticipated anime adaptation of the well-known manga series Oshi no Ko. Ai Hoshino, a well-known pop idol, and Goro Amemiya, a rural gynaecologist who adores her, are the subjects of this dark and captivating anime, which has been widely anticipated by viewers.

It will be an amazing experience for fans who have been eagerly waiting for the premiere of the Oshi no Ko anime because the first episode will last 90 minutes. The manga has been serialised in Shueisha’s Weekly Young Jump since April 2020. It centres around the meeting of two artists. Fans are now eagerly awaiting the anime version of the same after the publication of ten volumes. In this article, we are going to see all the details about the release date, cast, and many more details of the Oshi no Ko series.

The Story of Oshi no Ko

Oshi no Ko’s story explores the poisonous and frequently-kept secrets of the entertainment business in a dark and engrossing way. An extremely well-liked Japanese pop idol named Ai Hoshino and his loyal fan, a rural gynaecologist named Goro Amemiya, are at the centre of the narrative.

Following a terrible accident, Goro is reborn as Ai’s child, and as he gets older, he starts to see the harsh reality of the entertainment business. The narrative takes a dark turn as Goro learns the secrets and ulterior motives of those around him, including Ai.

What can we anticipate from Oshi no Ko the anime?

The anime series Oshi no Ko’s sinister storyline explores the fandoms that support Japanese pop musicians, the poisonous secrets they conceal, and the harsh realities of the entertainment industry. The story moves from one lifetime to the next, and the plot touches on subjects like murder, suicide, and reincarnation.

Studio Doga Kobo, a renowned animation studio, is producing the much-awaited Oshi no Ko anime adaptation. With a brilliant group of animators and producers on board, the studio is prepared to present a visually stunning and captivating interpretation of the cherished manga series. A variety of roles are represented in the cast, and some of the leads have many voice actors. Principal characters include:

  • Aquamarine Hoshino: Yumi Uchiyama (young) / Kento Ito / Takeo Otsuka
  • Ruby Hoshino: Tomoyo Takayanagi / Yurie Igoma
  • Ai Hoshino: Rie Takahashi
  • Kana Arima: Megumi Han
  • Akane Kurokawa: Manaka Iwami
  • Mem-Cho: Rumi Ookubo

Rei Takahashi will play the lead role of Ai in terms of the characters’ voice actors. Yurie Igoma will play the part of Ruby, and Takeo Otsuka will play the part of Aqua. Additionally, Kent Ito, Tomoyo Takayanagi, and Yumi Uchiyama will play Goro, Sarina, and young Aqua, respectively.

What streaming services provide Oshi no Ko?

It will be accessible on the well-known anime streaming service HIDIVE for individuals who are anxious to view the anime series. One of the year’s most eagerly awaited anime adaptations is Oshi no Ko. The series is guaranteed to make an impression on viewers because to its captivating plot, superb animation, and skilled creative team. On April 12, 2023, it will be available in Japan on Tokyo MX and HIDIVE.

Oshi no Ko season 2 would most likely continue after that. The first season of the manga covered the first four volumes; if the pace of season two is the same, it should span seasons 5 through 8, which not only dramatically alters Ruby’s status quo in the plot but also effectively launches the series into its “main story,” with the first four seasons functioning as a prelude. There isn’t much to do right now other than speculate and wait for additional information to be disclosed, but a dramatic note like that would be the ideal way for Oshi no Ko season 2 to end.

More Details of Oshi no Ko Series

Anime Series Name Oshi no Ko
Manga Series “Oshi no Ko”
Manga Writer Aka Akasaka
Manga Illustrator Mengo Yokoyari
Anime Adaptation Yes
Reception Praise from fans and critics
Animation Quality Superb
Art Style Gripping and deconstructive
Popularity Among the most popular anime of the 2023 spring season
First Season Faithfulness Faithful to the first volumes of the original manga series
Second Season Confirmation Officially confirmed


Oshi no Ko, as previously mentioned, is the tale of rural gynaecologist Goro Amemiya and pop diva Ai Hoshino. Goro is resurrected as Ai’s child following an awful tragedy. He discovers the grim realities of the Japanese entertainment and music industry as he grows up. He also discovers the nasty secrets and nefarious plans of others in his life, especially Ai.

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